A teacher for Chemistry and Mathematics in the Swedish section in the Secondary cycle of the 
European School Luxembourg I, including a variable number of educational support periods, is 
recruited to take up post on 30 August 2024. 


  • The candidate will be 
    • a qualified teacher for Chemistry at secondary school level (all levels up to BAC
    • a qualified teacher for Mathematics at secondary school level (qualification to teach all levels up to BAC will be regarded as an asset). 
  • The candidate will be a native Swedish speaker (mother tongue level or level C2). 
  • The candidate will have a good level of English and/or French (minimum level C1). 
  • The candidate will have previous experience as a teacher in Secondary cycle. 
  • The candidate will have specific qualifications and experience in Educational 
    Support/inclusive education/special needs. 
  • The candidate will have experience of working with children with learning disabilities. 
  • Previous experience teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder will be considered 
    an asset. 
  • Previous experience as teacher in a European school and knowledge of at least one of 
    the other working languages of the European School of Luxembourg (DE-EN-FR) will be 
    considered an asset.
  • The candidate will be willing to acquire the knowledge necessary to support children 
    with learning disabilities and, where appropriate, to train for specific disorders. 
  • The candidate will be motivated to work as part of a team with other teachers and 
    support staff, as well as secondary cycle educational advisers. 
  • The candidate will be willing to acquire the necessary knowledge for the effective use of 
    the European Schools' specific software. 
  • The candidate will have knowledge of the European School system and be motivated to 
    work in a multilingual and multicultural environment. 
  • The candidate will have a strong sense of responsibility and an impeccable personal 
  • The candidate has to be an EU citizen or be in possession of an authorisation to work in 
    the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the time of application. 

We offer: 

  • A renewable fixed term contract (1 year) from 30 August 2024 in accordance with the 
    Service regulations for the locally recruited teachers in the European Schools: 
    (https://www.eursc.eu/fr/Office/official-texts/basic-texts/en under "Service Regulations 
    for Locally recruited teachers in the European Schools - 2016-05-D-11-en-14" 
  • 21 teaching periods per week. 
  • Monthly gross salary: approx. 8.301,30 EUR per month (395,30 EUR per period per 
  • Removal costs (art. 37): “A locally recruited teacher recruited for a minimum period of 
    one year and a contract providing a minimum of 16 hours/periods per week shall, as 
    provided in Article 59 and Article 62 of the Regulations for Seconded Staff Members of 
    the European Schools, be entitled to a lump sum compensation for the expenses caused 
    by the removal to the place of the school (…)”. The service regulations do not foresee a 
    compensation for the expenses caused by the removal from the place of the school at 
    the end of the contract. 
  • Installation allowance (art. 37bis): “A locally recruited teacher recruited for a minimum 
    period of one year and a contract providing a minimum of 16 hours/periods per week 
    who furnishes evidence of having been obliged to change his/her place of residence and 
    of having actually settled at his/her place of employment (…) shall be entitled (a) to an 
    installation allowance (…)”. 
  • School fees (art. 39): “For school year teachers a reduction in school fees shall be 
    granted during the period of his/her employment for any of his/her children enrolled in 
    the European Schools. The reduction shall amount to 7% per weekly hour taught in the 
    nursery and primary cycles and to 5% per weekly period taught in the secondary cycle. 
    The present Article shall not give entitlement to any compensation in cases where a 
    child of a locally recruited is enrolled in a school other than one of the European 

Recruitment procedure: 

  • All applications have to be uploaded exclusively via the recruitment portal of the 
    European School Luxembourg I – Kirchberg. (https://www.euroschool.lu/vacancies) at 
    the latest by Sunday 14 July 2024 to the attention of

    Mr. Martin WEDEL
    Director of the European School Luxembourg I

    and indicating the reference 2024-06-SEC-SV-MAT-CHI in the motivation letter. 
  • The application must be accompanied by:
    • a motivation letter (in DE, EN or FR),
    • a detailed curriculum vitae (if possible in « Europass » format) (in DE, EN or FR),
    • a copy of the study diploma,
    • an extract from the criminal record (bulletin 3 and 5 for Luxembourg or equivalent for other countries) dated less than 3 months,
    • if applicable, a valid authorisation to work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for non-EU nationals, must be attached to the application.
  • All documents uploaded must be in .PDF format!
  • Incomplete applications, sent by post, by e-mail or after the deadline will not be considered.
  • No reply will be given to candidates before the end of the procedure.
  • Those interested in this position who do not have the required profile are kindly requested to refrain from applying.
  • Interviews are scheduled the week of 15 July 2024. 

Detailed information about our school and the European Schools in general can be found on the 
website of the European School Luxembourg I www.euroschool.lu respectively on the website of 
the European Schools www.eursc.eu. 

Requests for additional information will be handled until 11 July 2024, midday, and have to be 
addressed to the following email address elise.meyniel@eursc.eu.


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